Our menu changes with the seasons in order to bring you the best. However, there are certain signature offerings that consistently express our culinary philosophy.

 The items below represent the foundation of our menu through the seasons.

 Dine with us and you are certain to find similar items, and a whole lot more.

Buon Appetito!


Our Toscana Parmesan garlic bread served with garlic/Parmesan spread… like no other


Lightly toasted Toscana bread from our New York bakery layered with diced tomatoes and fresh basil

Olive Fritte

Herb marinated mixed Italian olives sautéed with garlic and red pepper flakes, served with our Toscana bread

Vino! Vino! Salad

Mixed fresh greens with our house Balsamic/Parmesan dresssing

Option of adding grilled chicken or Gulf shrimp

Antipasti Platter

An enticing selection of Italian cheeses, salami, olives, dried fruit, peppers, and our signature mostarda. Featuring our Toscana bread flown in from New York!

Traditional Neopolitan Balls

Hand tossed veal meatballs made in the classic Italian style with cheese, garlic, basil and Italian seasonings. Served with marinara and our Toscana break from New York

Nueske’s Smoked Duck Breast

Flavorful and succulent! Smoked over glowing embers of applewood, imparting a sweet, smoky finish. Imported all the way from Wittenberg, Wisconsin. Served with our Toscana bread.

Imported Cured Meats

Two ounce servings of salami as imported by us directly from Italy. Served with our New York Toscana bread.

Genoa Salami                                Sopressata Salami                      Proscuitto Di Parma

 Direct import                          Classic southern Italian salami               Cured Parma Ham

   And tasty.                                                                                                The Italian staple



Hand filled Italian pastry


San Pellegrino                                    Panna                                                 Limonata

  Sparkling Water                                Still Water                            Tuscan Lemon Drink

Whenever possible, we use locally sourced natural ingredients including those from our garden or greenhouse. All cheese selections honor the skill of Wisconsin’s artisan cheese makers, who we are proud to represent.